RPAYC Summer Centreboard Series 18/19
Centreboard Series 2018-2019

Entrants   There are currently 36 entrants

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29er TREBOUCHET 2126 Oscar Verity NSW
Aero7 DROP BEAR 2491 John Bacon
Laser BULLIT 19643 Stephen Bryant NSW
Laser LIGHT & HASTY 169677 Cameron Edwards NSW
Laser RAPID FIRE 193385 Dave Taylor NSW
Laser SEEDY 211499 Chris Dawson NSW
Laser WHISPER 166828 Bruce Ferguson Nsw
Laser YO HO HO ASU19923 Alex Robbins NSW
Laser 4.7 BONEFISH 160301 Tom Quarrie NSW
Laser Radial REY 196420 Liam Bennett NSW
Laser4.7 CIAO 8 Olivia Williams NSW
Laser4.7 DREAM 202852 Morgan Wells NSW
Laser4.7 EAST IS UP 206735 Bayley Taylor NSW
Laser4.7 TBA 11487 Oliver Gordon NSW
Laser4.7 WHOOSKA 2.0 209514 Alexander Bijkerk NSW
LaserRadial BONEFISH 160301 Tom Quarrie NSW
LaserRadial FRESHWATER PIRATE 182983 Paul Hawke NSW
LaserRadial HAKUNA MATATA 181724 Thomas Skinner NSW
LaserRadial NEMESIS 185799 Antony Hawke NSW
LaserRadial PURE BLONDE 202911 Lindsay Whitton NSW
LaserRadial SHARK BAIT 197622 Andrew Tuite NSW
Optimist AVENGER AUS1745 Orlando Springer NSW
Optimist BA BOOM AUS1735 Eva Attwood NSW
Optimist CAPTAIN ZOOM AUS898 Piper Attwood NSW
Optimist COMMANDO AUS1604 Kye Williams NSW
Optimist HORSE POWER AUS1079 Julia Pearce NSW
Optimist I WANTED A PONY! AUS1805 Darcy Robbins NSW
Optimist RAPTOR 912 Albie Brown NSW
Optimist REVOLUTION 1546 Isabella Holdsworth NSW
Optimist SPEED MACHINE 1757 Markus Sampson NSW
Optimist THE BEAST AUS1211 Nathan Pearce NSW
Optimist THE PHOENIX AUS883 William Troop NSW
Optimist VESUVIUS 1731 Sienna Brown NSW
Optimist WALLYGATOR AUS1715 Walter Tuite NSW
Optimist WHOOSHKA AUS1594 Cooper Bellingham NSW
Optimist WIND THIEF 1638 Charlie Byford NSW