RSAYS Flying Fifteen Regatta 2019
Flying Fifteen Regatta

Entrants   There are currently 27 entrants

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16 3781 Stephen Pidgeon Stuart Adamson GYC
ARK 3941 David Tabb Dave Bennett TBA
AUSSIE FALCON 3930 Dale Collings Wayne Fallows MSC/DBYC
BUBBLES 3767 Ken Bubb Lee Bubb TCBYC
EFFEFFEX 3836 Gary Richardson DSC
ENUFF ROPE 3475 Greg Howell Leanne Howell SoPYC
FAFFIN AUS3984 Carl Pettersson Kristine Pettersson SoPYC
FFAST LANE 3719 Jeff Vance Greg Vance SoPYC
FFAST LANE 3 3980 John Wilson RFBYC
FFLASHPOINT 3855 Peter Rooke Paul Dunbar SoPYC
FFOREIGNER 3964 Simon Lucas Aileen Lucas PRSC
FIREFLY 4063 Philippa Packer Dean Mcaullay RFBYC
FISH 3887 Phillip Parish RSAYS
FLYING SQUAD 2345 Craig Birbeck John Phillips CBBC
FRESHWATER 3988 Michael Oconnor Conor Brown DBYC
GLAMOUR BUOYS AUS3992 Greg Leaversuch Peter Barblett RFBYC
INEFFABLE AUS3986 Nick Jerwood Enfys Jerwood SOPYC
NELSONS LOOSE CANNON 3983 Peter Groom John Muscio GYC
RELIANCE FFENTY FFOO 3854 Nicole Magyar Les Kearney TCBYC
SECOND BREAKFFAST 3858 Karen Dawes Russell Dawes SoPYC
SHEWHOMUSTBEOBEYED 3935 John Hassen Kevin Griffiths SoPYC
SURPRIZE BY GIVERAUS 3651 Stephen Fries syc
THE FLYING FLAMINGO 3890 Lewis Davies John Radnell Dbyc
TUFFAN UP 3859 David Yu Chris Nelson RFBYC
UP SHIP CREEK AUS4062 Chris Villa Mark Holmes LMYC
WHERE THE BLOODY HEL 3880 Craig Rainey Ian Rainey GLYC
YES, NO, MAYBE! AUS3910 Jennifer Sims Adam Semple SoPYC/RFBYC