RPAYC 2018~2019 Season 1st Sep 18 ~ 20th July 19

Enter Series /Update Entry / Add Crew
STEP 1: Select Series
Multi Series: Select this option to enter more than one Series and either pay for each of the Series or nominate a Season-Multi Entry with a fixed fee for any combination of Series entered.

Individual Series: Select Individual Series to enter a Single series (I.E. I`m only entering Twilight Series).

The # numbers indicates the Series available within the Multi Select option.
  SERIES NAME block 1


STEP 2: Select an Option
Enter boat already in TopYacht Boat Register
Update existing SERIES entry details in selected Series
Enter boat NOT in TopYacht Boat Register

STEP 3: Press Submit

Change Owner/Main Contact or Email Address for existing boat Add/Update personal profile for THIS event   (owners & offshore crew ONLY ) Find crew OR to register as crew available Help

What is TES?

Entering a boat for a Series or a race

Offshore Crew