Balmain 2018-2019 Season Keelboats 18th Aug 18 ~ 2nd Aug 19

Series Entries

West Harbour Spring Series

Currently there are 39 competitors entered.

ALCAMY 7422 Ruth Lawrence S80 Modified W/ Inboard NSW
ALPHA CARINAE 5935 Damian Barker Sydney 36 Cr Eastsail NSW
ANOTHER PLANET 521 Rohan Dickson Sydney 36cr NSW
APACHE 6398 Frans Ttkatchew Cole 35 NSW
ATARA 4818 Ken Conyard Beneteau 345 NSW
AVALON 6073 Geoff Ford Sydney 38 NSW
BALMAIN TIGER AUS66 Neil Hamilton Flying Tiger NSW
BEAR NECESSITY MH115 John Blair C & C 115 NSW
BETWEEN PARTNERS 945 Denis Speyer Swarbrick 945 NSW
BEWARE OF THE DOG! 2501 Terry Daly Mungral 25 NSW
BLINK 018 Simon Zadow Magic 25 NSW
BOXER 491 Paul Henke Adams 10 NSW
BSC SAILING SCHOOL 35 Dawn Murray Magic 25 NSW
CHAMPSANEAUX 2107 Tommy Richardson Beneteau First 21.7 NSW
DAYS LIKE THIS 7195 Susan Geary Hanse 315 NSW
GUWARA 6982 Alan Gregory Hanse 350 NSW
GYMEA 6766 Jeremy Sharp Barber/Larson NSW
HICK-UP 3020 Bill Ure Hick32 NSW
KELLY2N 5796 Mike Ewings Chris Durman Pacific 36 NSW
KIA KAHA K 5982 Douglas Clark Northshore 340 NSW
KRAKATINI 24310 Lindsay Fletcher Dufour 310 Gl NSW
L'EAU CO. 4896 Ben Millar Northshore 380c NSW
MADGE MH37 Doug Clark Adams 10 NSW
MATAGI BSC35 Campbell Reid Md35 NSW
MIN RIVER AUS888 Jiang Lin X-Yacht 4.3 NSW
MY GIRL 5970 Philippa Naivasha Beneteau First 31.7 NSW
NOBULL 931 Leo Delissen Swarbrick S80 NSW
ROCK N ROLL 4660 Richard Huybers Swarbrick S111 NSW
ROCKET LASS 5062 Ray Miller Pocket Rocket 22 NSW
RUSH TT 5097 Ed Tacey Young 780 NSW
SASSY 5731 Lyn Evans Northshore 310 NSW
SCARAMOUCH 356 Michael Bleakley Eastcoast 31 NSW
SOUTHERN AURA II 5127 Dave Clark-Duff Farr 727 NSW
TULIP 431 Kluuk Walenkamp S80 NSW
VAKA TOTOLO 6370 Dennis Arnott Young 88 NSW
WILDLING 2 AUS068 Conrad Johnston Fareast28r NSW
WITCHWAYS11 2455 Jeff Finnegan Endeavour 26 NSW
X-RAY 4930 Ray Parrott X-332 NSW
YKNOT 7055 Stephen Brady J70 NSW