RAYC Auckland to Fiji Race 2020 28th ~ 30th May 2020

Change Owner/Main Contact for a Boat

    If you are borrowing the boat for one race/Series, then do NOT alter the Owner/Normal Point of Contact details.

  • Have the Owner create the entry (with your help) and nominate yourself as the 'Boat Rep' on the Entry page.
  • Thereafter you can log in with the boat's Sail No and your password.
  • You can then make any necessary changes using 'Update existing entry' option.
  • Also use the 'Update existing entry' option to pay appropriate fees.

    If you are using the boat for one race/Series and the owner is not available then....

  • You will need to 'borrow' their log in details
  • Log in as that person
  • Nominate yourself as the Boat Rep.
  • Then, as above.

    If you are the NEW owner OR wish to change password or Email Address then....

  • Use the form below to request a change of ownership
  • Once this is has been done for you; you will be able to enter the boat into a Series using the boat's Sail No and your password.
Normal Sail No:   eg G12 Boat Name:
Design / Class: eg Beneteau 361
PREVIOUS Owner/Normal Point of Contact
First Name: Last Name:
I am the new Owner/Main Contact of boat for all future racing...OR....
I wish to update my email address or my password.

NEW Person
First Name: Last Name:
Mobile Telephone:
Changes will take up to 2 working days. You will be sent a comfirmation email.