RGYC Alpha Course 17/18 1st Oct 17 ~ 25th Sep 18

Enter Series /Update Entry / Add Crew
Welcome to the 2017-2018 RGYC Sailing Season.
Please only select the series you know you will be entering, at anytime you can enter another series.
STEP 1: Select Series

Block: nominate a Season Block Entry with a fixed fee for all Series marked below with #1.

Note: When making a Season Block Entry, additional series (with the exception of the Etchells series, and the Festival of Sails Passage Race option) are at no additional cost.

To enter each additional series (eg, Block + passage; Summer agg + twilight) you must complete your current series entry, then Re-enter and select the next series.

  SERIES NAME block 1 block 2

Fixed Series Block, Racing - Entry into all series below with a #1 #1

Fixed Series Block, Cruising - Entry into all series below with a #2 #2
Summer Aggregate #1
Corio Cruisers Summer Aggregate #2
VRCA Twilight Series #1 #2
Winter Series #1 #2
Two Handed #1 #2
Tuff Marine Series #1 #2
Wednesday Winter series
Wednesday Spring Series
Post Daylight Savings Twilight Mini Series
Gannet Cup
2018 Festival of Sails Passage Race only
Etchells Summer
Etchells Winter
McAllister Race

STEP 2: Select an Option
Enter boat already in TopYacht Boat Register
Update existing entry details in selected Series
Enter boat NOT in TopYacht Boat Register

STEP 3: Press Submit

Click Here to change Owner/Main Contact or Email Address for existing boat
Click Here to update your personal profile
Click Here to find crew OR to register as crew available
Click here for Help

What is TES?

Entering a boat for a Series or a race

Offshore Crew