Derwent Sailing Squadron Season 2017-2018 15 Sep 2017 - 9 Sep 2018

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STEP 1: Select Series
Series can be entered as a block.
Some Series may be able to be entered individually.
The # numbers indicates the block number.
  SERIES NAME Block 1 Block 2 Block 3

Midweek Block (Series 1, 2 and 3) #1

Twilight Block (Pre and Post Christmas) #2

SB20 Sprint Series Block (Day1,2 and 3) #3
Ronald Young & Co Builders - Pipe Opener Series
- iWest Insurance - Midweek Series 1 #1
- iWest Insurance -Midweek Series 2 #1
- iWest Insurance -Midweek Series 3 #1
- Quantum Sails - Twilight (Incl SB20 Summer Pennant) - Pre Christmas #2
- Quantum Sails - Twilight (Incl SB20 Summer Pennant) - Post Christmas #2
Nautilus Marine - Combined Clubs Summer Pennant
Combined Clubs Short-Course Championship
Combined Clubs 2-Handed Long Race Series
SB20 Sprint Series Day 1 #3
SB20 Sprint Series Day 2 #3
SB20 Sprint Series Day 3 #3
Bridge Race
King Of The Derwent
Zuidpool Rock Race
Autumn Short Handed Series
Winter Series

STEP 2: Select an Option
Enter boat already in TopYacht Boat Register
Update existing entry details in selected Series
Enter boat NOT in TopYacht Boat Register

STEP 3: Press Submit

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