RPAYC East Coast Bluewater Pointscore Series 17/18 23rd Sep 17 ~ 7th April 18

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Welcome to the 2017-2018 RPAYC Blue Water Pointscore Series.
Members and non-members may compete in the following Series as listed below.
Please only select the series you know you will be entering, at anytime you can enter another series.
Payment options and members discounts are applied at the end of each selected series.
STEP 1: Select Race
Blue Water Pointscore Entry: Select this Series to enter the Blue Water Pointscore Series at a fixed Block Entry Price (One off season entry for the Blue Water Pointscore Series) after STEP 3 Submit you will be asked to select the Race you wish to enter.

Multi Series: Select this option to enter more than one Race or add further Races to your existing entry (I.E. if the total cost is less than a Block Entry Fee or to enter additional Races not selected in the above Block Entry) after STEP 3 Submit you will be asked to select the Race you wish to enter.

Individual Races: Select Individual Races to enter a Single race (I.E. I`m only entering Cabbage Tree Island Race).

The # numbers indicates the Races available within the Blue Water Pointscore Entry or Multi Series.
  RACES block 1

MULTI RACE SELECT (to enter multiple Series at once) #1
Race 1: Bird Islet Race - Cat 3 #1
Race 2: Port Hacking Race - Cat 3 #1
Race 3: Boondelah Race - Cat 2 #1
Race 5: Pittwater to Sydney Yacht Race - Cat 3 #1
Race 6: Pittwater to Newcastle Yacht Race - Cat 3 #1

STEP 2: Select an Option
Enter boat already in TopYacht Boat Register
Update existing entry details in selected Series
Enter boat NOT in TopYacht Boat Register

STEP 3: Press Submit

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Click Here to update your personal profile
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