Balmain 2017-2018 Season Keelboats 4 Aug 17 - 3 Aug 18

Enter Series /Update Entry / Add Crew
STEP 1: Select Series
Select the `Block Entry` option to go to a new screen to select the Series in which you wish to race and to pay a single, set fee.

Select the `Multi Select Entry` option to go to a new screen to select the Series or Non Series Race in which you wish to race and pay a fee based on the selected Series.

In both cases please only select the Series or Non Series you know you will be racing in.
You can always elect to enter other individual Series at any time.

Select Individual Series (one at a time) if you wish to only enter a single Series and pay for that Series.
  SERIES NAME Block 1 Block 2 Block 3

Block - (Friday Afternoon Series 1,2 &3) #1

Annual Block - All Series (Excludes Friday Afternoon Series 1,2 & 3) #2

Multi Select Block - Enter more than one Series or Non Series Race. #3
  Series that can be entered via a block or independently -
Friday Afternoon Series 1 #1 #3
Friday Afternoon Series 2 #1 #3
Friday Afternoon Series 3 #1 #3
Sunday Spring Series #2 #3
Combined Clubs Summer Series #2 #3
West Harbour Winter Series #2 #3
Pre-Christmas Friday Twilight #2 #3
Post-Christmas Friday Twilight #2 #3
  Non Series Races
Spring Islands Race Yachts #2 #3
Autumn Islands Race #2 #3
Three Bridges Race Yachts #2 #3
Sprint Series #2 #3

STEP 2: Select an Option
Enter boat already in TopYacht Boat Register
Update existing entry details in selected Series
Enter boat NOT in TopYacht Boat Register

STEP 3: Press Submit

Click Here to change Owner/Main Contact or Email Address for existing boat
Click Here to update your personal profile
Click Here to find crew OR to register as crew available
Click here for Help

What is TES?

Entering a boat for a Series or a race

Offshore Crew