2017 Sydney Harbour Regatta 4th & 5th March 2017

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STEP 1: Select Series
Open Class (W/L) [IRC / ORCi]
Open Class (Ocean Passage) [IRC]
Performance Class (Ocean Passage) [PHSTCF]
McConaghy 38 [OD]
Farr 40 [OD]
Adams 10m [OD]
Internation Etchells [OD]
International Dragon [OD]
International Melges 20 [OD]
International Melges 24 [OD]
International Melges 32 [OD]
International Yngling [OD] - NSW State Championship
International J70 [OD] - NSW State Championship
VX-One [OD]
5.5m OD
Super 12s
Sports Boats
Performance Class (Cavalier 28) [PHS] -
Performance Class (Super 30) [EHC]
Performance Class (Spinnaker) [PHS]
Performance Class (Non-Spinnaker) [PHS]
Performance Class (Classics) [PHS]
Production Boat Class (X-Yacht, Hanse) [EHC]
Historic 18ft Skiffs [EHC]
Sydney 38 International Championships [OD]
Sydney 36 Championship 2017

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