Hobsons Bay Yacht Club Season 2017-2018 24 Sep 2017~8 Sep 2018

Series Entries

Twilight Thursday Raine & Horne Pursuit Series

Currently there are 43 competitors entered.

ALEGRIA 2 H237 Robert Tanner Dufour 40 VIC
ARIEL II H16 Ashley Stevens Jeanneau 36.2 Sun Od Vic
ASTERIX H43 D Gaylor J Walshe Jeanneau30i VIC
AVANTI H401 Peter McDonald Jeanneau So 40 VIC
BLAISE PASCAL H365 Nick Woodley Dufour 365 VIC
CALYPSO H222 G Cook/M Groen Adams Traditional vic
CHLOE H19 Pat Caruso Dufour 34 VIC
DORIS JEAN H5934 Mark Sheahan Beneteau First 31.7 VIC
ESPRIT H380 C Jackson M Williamsz S80 VIC
FOOTLOOSE R968 John Robb Noelex 25 VIC
FRENCH CONNECTION H6078 Keith Mitchell Beneteau 390 VIC
GANNET II H6145 David Buck Jarkan Aurora 39 VIC
HANINI H113 Dan Kennedy Bluebird VIC
HAREM SCAREM H969 Tim Hooper Hick Lizard VIC
HARMONY H97 Stephen Cheney S&S Defiance 30 VIC
IMOGEN H3 John & Emer Jennings Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 VIC
JAMES OF WYNDHAM WH88 Robert Bradley Columbia 22 VIC
KARINA H373 David Gibson Beneteau 375 VIC
KNOT A CLEW H604 Rob Gregson Carter 30 vic
LANNCOORIE H2926 John Allen Defiance 30 VIC
LE CASCADEUR H108 Ryan Blackstock Southern Ocean 31 VIC
MANJIMUP H1684 Tim Metherall Bluebird VIC
MEMPHIS BEAT H234 Frank Cascio Beneteau Oceanis 34 VIC
MINNA H20 Richard Downey Cole 43 VIC
MONGOOSE H310 Dennis Monahan Northshore 310 VIC
MOONRAKER H700 P Neilson R Langham S80 VIC
PRIVATE EQUITY R2138 Tim Campbell Corby 25 Ep VIC
QUANTUM LEAP H211 Neil Sellars Holland 25 VIC
RAMBLER H4139 David Anthony Defiance30 VIC
ROCKET SCIENCE H135 Robert Bradley Endeavour 24 VIC
ROMA H62 John Price Rob Legg 34 VIC
ROSE OF WYNDHAM WH87 Robert Bradley Columbia 22 VIC
SANDPIPER H132 Ross Finlay Northshore 33 VIC
SEA LION 2 H4033 Ross Magor Northshore 33 VIC
SEASCAPE H4994 G Mitchell / T Ford Savage Oceanic 42 VIC
SELEKA H288 Raymond Proudlock Temptress VIC
SELKIE H7077 David James Cavalier 975 VIC
SHAMROCK H140 Rod Fuller H28 VIC
SKIPJACK H398 Bill Feore S80 Vic
SURE-FIRE H185 Martin Waller Northshore 27 VIC
TUMBLINGDICE H383 Gary Marks Beneteau35s5 VIC
VAN DEMON H37 Roy and Anna Thompson Dufour 34 VIC
Y KNOT H585 Andrew Mortimer Beneteau First 33.7 vic