Hobsons Bay Yacht Club Season 2017-2018 24 Sep 2017~8 Sep 2018

Series Entries

Shirley Freeman Lady Skippers Race (Div 1)

Currently there are 21 competitors entered.

3 RING CIRCUS H3333 Skit Syndicate Southern Ocean 32 VIC
ALEGRIA 2 H237 Robert Tanner Dufour 40 VIC
CAVARLO B779 Amanda Irving Cavalier395 Vic
ESPRESSO S947 Rebecca Irwin S80 VIC
JAMES OF WYNDHAM WH88 Robert Bradley Columbia 22 VIC
JAVELIN H70 Peter Mc Farlane J70 VIC
JUNGLE JUICE S9 Celia Dymond Adams 10 Vic
LE CASCADEUR H108 Ryan Blackstock Southern Ocean 31 VIC
MANJIMUP H1684 Tim Metherall Bluebird VIC
MOONRAKER H700 Sally Neilson S80 VIC
OUTLAW H7 Maureen Dickins S80 VIC
PARAMOUR R660 Ann Goodwin Bluebird VIC
REMEDY S621 Nadine Huels Archambault 32 VIC
ROSE OF WYNDHAM WH87 Edel Doyle Columbia 22 VIC
SALAMANDER III S191 Monica Jones Adams 10 VIC
SERIOUS YAHOO B9 Vanessa Twigg Adams 10 Vic
TAKE FIVE S197 Christine Pfeiffer Swarbrick S97 VIC
TAKE ONE S800 Kellie Knowles S80 VIC
THE BOOKMAKER H6336 Kate Ribton-Turner Nortshore Nsx36 Vic
TIGRIS AUS61 Jan Fielding Flying Tiger 10 VIC
UP 'N GO R182 Cath Beaufort S80 VIC