Hobsons Bay Yacht Club Season 2017-2018 24 Sep 2017~8 Sep 2018

Series Entries

Twilight Series Wednesday ABC

Currently there are 21 competitors entered.

3 RING CIRCUS H3333 Skit Syndicate Southern Ocean 32 VIC
DORIS JEAN H5934 Mark Sheahan Beneteau First 31.7 VIC
HANINI H113 Dan Kennedy Bluebird VIC
HAREM SCAREM H969 Colin Leake Hick30 VIC
IKON H1010 Bruce McCraken Beneteau 45 First VIC
KASHMIR H12 Peter Clark Phantom 40 VIC
LE CASCADEUR H108 Ryan Blackstock Southern Ocean 31 VIC
MANJIMUP H1684 Tim Metherall Bluebird VIC
MARY BRYANT H27 Georgie Mitchell Spacesailor 24 VIC
MERLION H8118 Eddie Mackevicius Beneteau 40.7 VIC
ONE FOR THE ROAD R401 Gary Prestedge Archambault 40 VIC
ORLAN H341 Peter Edwards Northshore 34 VIC
PINK LADY H200 Eric Tattersall Holland 25 VIC
QUANTUM LEAP H211 Neil Sellars Holland 25 VIC
RAGE H74 Robert Newbold Adams 10 VIC
ROCKET SCIENCE H135 Robert Bradley Endeavour 24 VIC
SAVAGE H1363 Wayne Williams Dehler 34 Db1 VIC
THE ALCHEMIST H938 Zark Sango Northshore 38c VIC
THE BOOKMAKER H6336 Andrew Slagmolen Nortshore Nsx36 VIC
TRAMP H888 Russell King S&S 34 VIC
Y KNOT H585 Andrew Mortimer Beneteau First 33.7 vic