Hobsons Bay Yacht Club Season 2017-2018 24 Sep 2017~8 Sep 2018

Series Entries

M Power Long Distance Series

Currently there are 41 competitors entered.

3 RING CIRCUS H3333 Skit Syndicate Southern Ocean 32 VIC
AFRAYED KNOT R6620 Bruce Early Northshore Nsx38 VIC
ANOTHER DAY H6109 David Bock Northshore 380c VIC
ANTARES A H47 Robert Laughlin Spencer 31 VIC
ASTERIX H43 D Gaylor J Walshe Jeanneau30i VIC
BLAISE PASCAL H365 Nick Woodley Dufour 365 VIC
BLUNDERBUSS H4000 Eric Marsh Beneteau First 40 VIC
CALYPSO H222 Garry Cook Adams Traditional vic
CHINDRINA H438 Owen Church Clansman 30 VIC
CHLOE H19 Pat Caruso Dufour 34 VIC
COROMANDEL 5 R37 David Burton Jeanneau 36i VIC
DICTATEUR R838 Allan Gontar Beneteau First 31.7 VIC
DORIS JEAN H5934 Mark Sheahan Beneteau First 31.7 VIC
ENVYUS AUS138 Dennis Clark Melges 32 VIC
ESCAPADE H538 Robert Bradley Farr 38 Ims VIC
ESPRIT H380 C Jackson M Williamsz S80 VIC
GODZILLA R111 Andrew Munro Hick 31 VIC
HAREM SCAREM H969 Colin Leake Hick30 VIC
HARMONY H97 Stephen Cheney S&S Defiance 30 VIC
HIGH HANDED H975 Peter Spruzen Cavalier 975 VIC
JAVELIN H70 Peter Mc Farlane J70 VIC
JINOT H4734 Nick Foa Gibsea 372 VIC
KARINA H373 David Gibson Beneteau 375 VIC
KASAM H221 Mark Sahhar S80 VIC
KNOT A CLEW H604 Robert Gregson Carter 30 VIC
LE CASCADEUR H108 Ryan Blackstock Southern Ocean 31 VIC
MANJIMUP H1684 Tim Metherall Bluebird VIC
MERLION H8118 Eddie Mackevicius Beneteau 40.7 VIC
MIGHTY MOO H46 Greg Hynes If Folkboat VIC
MINNA H20 Richard Downey Cole 43 VIC
MOONRAKER H700 P Neilson R Langham S80 VIC
NEXT STEP AUS31003 Russell Hibbert Mc31 VIC
NOELEEN 111 H166 A. Hesselmans J. Poiesz Steinman 40 VIC
ONE FOR THE ROAD R401 Gary Prestedge Archambault 40 VIC
OUTLAW H7 Outlaw Gang S80 VIC
SHAMROCK H140 Rod Fuller H28 VIC
SURE-FIRE H185 Martin Waller Northshore 27 VIC
THE ALCHEMIST H938 Zark Sango Northshore 38c VIC
THE BOOKMAKER H6336 Andrew Slagmolen Nortshore Nsx36 VIC
TUMBLINGDICE H383 Gary Marks Beneteau35s5 VIC
WORKING CAPITAL H134 Graham O'Meara Sonata 8 VIC